Siemens PLM Connection 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Lucas Oil Stadium, 500 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, USA, 46225

Siemens PLM Connection brings together PLM World members, partners, and Siemens PLM Software employees looking to forge new connections, expand knowledge, and increase expertise. Attendees represent a variety of industries and job functions, many outside the traditional “user’s group” scope. Find the connection that works for you, but also take advantage of other opportunities through other connections and the full conference. Connections with a Tuesday start are invited to attend the Monday afternoon general session and opening reception.

Zuken at PLM Connection

Why ECAD/MCAD Integration for Routing Design

Geoff Lydon
E3.series Solutions Manager

Geoff Lydon

As systems become more complex they require more wires, cables and harnesses to interconnect the different devices and often have to be routed in more complex and limited spaces, making 3D modelling of the interconnections essential. NX Routing can be used to model these interconnections but using what source data? Spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, “dumb” drawings, or maybe even manual input? Learn how integrating ECAD and MCAD tools eliminates duplication of effort, duplication of data and manual entry requirements, resulting in reduced design times, reduction of costly errors, and increased quality.