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Whether you’re focused on creating elegant product designs, managing brilliant factories, delivering efficient service, or disrupting entire markets, your peers will be here to show you what’s happening now and where they are headed in the future.

Learn from early adopters new ways to use existing tools and platforms and find new value born from the industrial Internet of Things.

Zuken at LiveWorx 2017

IoT and Modular Design Can Revolutionize Your Design Process
Bob Potock
Zuken USA

Bob Potock

Delivering higher performing products has numerous benefits that include increasing return on investment (ROI) and creating loyal customers. The key to delivering higher performing products is the ability to identify and correct design weaknesses as experienced by the user. The product may pass internal testing, but the reality of real world usage may expose weaknesses that can lead to a product recall and customer dissatisfaction. An IoT platform that can collect field performance metrics, analyze the data and deliver the results to the design team can revolutionize hardware design.

This session will present a product design strategy that combines an IoT platform with a module based hardware design process that can deliver higher performing products. The design module becomes the building block for product development providing history and traceability. Failure modes in the field are reported on a module basis to the IoT platform and big data analytics can identify the problematic modules across a large sample set. The design team can then correct the problematic module for the next iteration of the product.