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Learn how Zuken's CADSTAR, desktop PCB design software, has helped a variety of companies achieve their goals.

Success Stories

BAE Systems




BAE Systems use CADSTAR to help reduce turret control computer wiring by 98%.

BAE Systems is a global company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems in the air, on land and at sea.

  • Thanks in part to CADSTAR technology, the project update has was completed 12 months ahead of schedule.
  • BAE Systems' Turret Control Computer now houses 98% less wiring than before.

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Malvern Instruments




Malvern Instruments used CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite to enhance data collaboration between ECAD and MCAD, and improve manufacturing data.

Malvern Instruments are the market leader in the characterisation of particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, molecular weight, chemical composition, rheological properties and advanced SEC/GPC chromatography solutions.

  • CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite enhanced data collaboration between ECAD and MCAD.
  • Improved manufacturing data.
  • Avoid costly mistakes and ensure the electronics fit the space constraints available.

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Olivetti introduces complex, IoT-enabled products with confidence by switching to CADSTAR.

Olivetti is a leading company in the Office and Retail market, a point of reference for IT solutions and advanced digital services for the business world and the Digital hub of the TIM Group.

  • Ever more complex PCBs developed while maintaining quality, in an increasingly EM noisy environment
  • Achieved an ambitious technology innovation roadmap without placing time- and volume-to-market goals at risk.
  • Reliability in IoT-enabled devices is assured through rigorous test procedures using CADSTAR
  • Built-in design rules allow for high-density boards with test points on both sides

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Raymarine chooses CADSTAR for productivity and EMC options.

Raymarine are a world leader in high performance marine electronics for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets.

  • Raymarine’s investment in CADSTAR will be paid back through productivity improvements within 12 months.
  • CADSTAR was selected for its ease of use, the availability of signal integrity and EMC simulation modules.

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TEWS Technologies




TEWS significantly reduces development time and cost of complex high-speed PCBs using concurrent power integrity simulation

TEWS Technologies designs and builds turnkey, embedded interface solutions

  • Power integrity simulation helped create right-the-first-time designs and ensure rapid compliance with power integrity constraints.
  • Power distribution network now capable of providing charge to all ICs on a minimal number of PCB layers
  • Reduced manufacturing costs significantly by reducing the number of decoupling capacitors.

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CADSTAR - Desktop PCB Design Software


BAE Systems

Blackstar Amplification"When considering what technology would be needed to complete this project, other leading PCB design tools were evaluated but CADSTAR was chosen as the best tool for the job. CADSTAR also had the ability to migrate all their legacy data from Visula saving valuable time and preserving sensitive data." 

Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Amplification"Our designs have many common building blocks and CADSTAR allows us to use this to our advantage to produce new product designs quickly and accurately. We had been looking to change our design software when we found out about CADSTAR Lite. After discovering the vast functionality it provides, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get Zuken’s technology plus email support from the local distributor, at such a competitive price - so we immediately bought two seats! We will be looking to upgrade in the future, but for now CADSTAR Lite provides us with a breadth of capabilities for everything we need and more." 

- Cliff Brown, design engineer


C-TEC"There are some real benefits to be gained from using this App – especially the numerous small time savings and the ease-of-use that it offers. As long-time users of CADSTAR, we are pleased to see the continual progression of the software and that Zuken has been quick to adopt apps, making use of devices that are now part of everyday life."

- Graham Williamson, senior electronics engineer

INCA Systems

Inca Systems"Board Modeler Lite is a vital tool for us, as we design many boards for the mobile industry where devices need to be as thin as possible, meaning that tolerances are very tight. The boards themselves also need to follow the housing contour, with curves, indents and keep-out areas. We are able to test boards within the test fixture and Board Modeler Lite also allows us feed the exact 3D data from the PCB to the 3D design environment."

- Eero Leiononen, director

Malvern Instruments

TEWS Technologies"Using Board Modeler Lite in conjunction with CADSTAR PCB design and our 3D mechanical software, we can avoid costly mistakes and ensure the electronics fit the space constraints available. Our latest project included more than 20 PCBs, all of which fitted first time. The ability to fully characterise the 3D board with accurate models, plus the ability to check for and resolve clearance errors, helps us produce better documentation for test and assembly, and most importantly ensures we get easily manufacturable products in a shorter time."

- Simon Chubb, PCB Layout Specialist at Malvern Instruments


Olivetti"We’re extremely satisfied with CADSTAR, which has a precision feel that is very impressive for the relatively low cost. And we’re very satisfied with Zuken as a company. It gives us the confidence to ask more and more of CADSTAR on future projects."

- Giovanni Valetti, Senior Engineer, Olivetti


TEWS Technologies"Raymarine’s main driver behind the CADSTAR purchase is ultimately reduced time to market through fewer design iterations. CADSTAR will deliver these benefits via its intuitive user-interface and improved integration with both 3D Mechanical CAD Systems and Thermal Analysis software tools."

- Nigel Wright, Product Design Manager, Raymarine

TEWS Technologies

TEWS Technologies"We are now creating more right-the-first-time designs and one of the biggest benefits is being able to reduce the number of decoupling capacitors, which adds up to a significant reduction in manufacturing costs."

- Michael Költzor, senior CAD engineer

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