Quality Assurance at Zuken

Quality assurance for our solutions is a central part of the Zuken culture.
We have formed a global Quality Control Task Force whereby Japanese, German, and British software engineers work together during the development and test phases for each solution. The Task Force defines and applies strict company-wide quality standards in all development centers.

Every solution (tool suite) developed at Zuken is tested during the development phase and has to pass through two rigorous quality control cycles upon completion:

Quality Control 1

  • Thorough testing of all new functionality and the core of the tools

Quality Control 2

  • The tools are tested for their ability to integrate within the complete design environment
  • The full design cycle is tested on actual customer data
  • Beta sites use the software and report any faults

During all phases, the progress of testing and fixing is constantly monitored using web-based management technology.

We constantly review our testing procedures to ensure adequate coverage and we refine our quality measurement procedures on an ongoing basis during all quality control cycles. This ensures that any software that Zuken delivers has quality built in.