Business Philosophy

Zuken provides infrastructures for design and production to help customers increase their global competitiveness.

Ceaseless technological innovation continues in the electronics and automobile industries, which have become the driving forces of the Japanese economy. As international competition intensifies in these industries, the ability to quickly introduce high-performance new products is becoming the key to survival.

Significantly reducing time to market for new products requires comprehensive optimization of the entire process from design to production. This requires deploying the latest technology to build a completely new and optimal infrastructure, rather than simply modifying existing resources.

The conventional method of system integration - selecting, integrating and customizing existing design systems and tools - has limitations because each customer has a unique environment and faces a different set of challenges. Consequently, the development of new design and information systems that correspond to the customer's objectives is essential.

With experience and know-how acquired over more than a quarter century and proprietary software development capabilities, Zuken is ideally positioned to create new infrastructures for each customer. The needs of Zuken's customers are also growing more sophisticated, and Zuken has the core competencies to meet them. Zuken is deploying its accumulated experience and expertise in structuring its operations to quickly deliver the solutions customers require.