Message from the President

Working to Be a Company That Serves Our World Better Than Ever

Makoto Kaneko, ZukenMakoto Kaneko signature
Makoto Kaneko - President and Representative Director, Zuken 

Our universal value is to make our world better through the software we supply.

I believe our mission is to provide outstanding software and services that underpin the activities of manufacturing companies as they consistently produce exceptional products. This is how we can ensure that Zuken serves our world better than ever.

Facing an unprecedented tide of technological innovation, today’s manufacturing companies are constantly striving to heighten their own unique advantage. Zuken will continue supporting these companies by providing cutting-edge IT solutions and outstanding consulting services within each individual customer’s product development process. Rallying all our resources, we will boost our capabilities at both the organizational and individual levels so that we can fully address a wider range of needs than ever before. Above all, we will continue striving to be worthy of our role as our customers’ partner for success.

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