How to link your user account to your Support account

Automatically log in to Zuken's Support website (ZGS)

Zuken Global Support

Zuken Support website - 'ZGS'

Zuken customers who have logins for both our Support website (ZGS) and the main website can now automatically log in to our Support website once they are logged into, reducing the number of passwords to remember.



To get an overview of the process, watch the short movie demonstrating how you can now pair your accounts.


How to link your Zuken accounts

  1. If you have not already done so, register for a user account using the same email address as your ZGS account.
  2. Go to the Support website and login to your ZGS account.
  3. From the ZGS home page 'Log in Info' section, select 'View settings'

  4. Scroll to end of page and select 'Edit Account Settings'

  5. Enter the email address of your ' user account', select submit, and select submit again on the confirmation screen.
    a) The email address of your ZGS account should match your user account.
    b) Third party domains such as or will not be permitted to be paired to a ZGS account. You must use your business email address. 
    c) You are not permitted to link to generic user accounts ( etc) email addresses must be specific to you.
    d) Only one ZGS account can be linked to a single user account.

  6. Your request will be reviewed by a local Zuken representative.
    a) If accepted, you will receive an email confirmation.
    b) If denied, you will receive an email explaining why your request was denied. If you disagree with this decision, please contact your local ZGS representative. If agreed, you can then submit your request again.

  7. Once approved, your accounts are now linked.

  8. Test the link by logging out of both and the Support website.
    a) Login to your user account
    b) Select 'Support' or navigate to the ZGS webpage on
    c) From the ZGS page on, select to 'Transfer to the Zuken Global Support website'.

You can only transfer to the Zuken Support website from the link within the ZGS web page on


Further information

Should you require further assistance please contact your local Zuken representative.