E3.schematic 28.11.2023 – ONLINE – English

This training is an ONLINE training.

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Circuit diagram creation with E3.series

Participant group

This course is intended for employees who create circuit diagrams and for supervisors who are responsible for the E3.series library.


Knowledge of the operating system used.


The participant learns how to use the E3.schematic system to create circuit diagrams.


  • • E3.schematic Overview
    • The E3.schematic Editor
    • Changing drawing parameters
    • Working with subcircuits
    • Working with components and symbols, placing, exchanging, assigning.
    • Creating signal cross references
    • Electrical components: Calling up, searching, rotating, deleting
    • Connections: T and star connections, deleting connections
    • Attributes on connections, components and symbols
    • Graphic elements and texts
    • Standard output and standard lists
    • Exercises on the system

Duration of the seminar

3  days

Further seminars

Conditions of participation

Here you can find the conditions of participation E3.series (GER)


The training is an online training. Each participant is provided with a personal training environment in our training cloud with the latest E³.series version. This can be accessed easily and conveniently via remote desktop access from the company computer. If you are interested or have further questions, please contact us.



Online via our training cloud.

For more information, please contact us.

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