CADSTAR Library Editor

The CADSTAR Library Editor provides a complete solution for creating and editing symbol, footprints and part information for PCB design. Integrated into the CADSTAR framework, Library Editor shares the same set of user interface and configuration settings with the other applications in the CADSTAR family – making it easy to learn and maximizing productivity during product development.
Central to the CADSTAR design flow is the parts library, which supports a constraints-driven design flow through logic circuit design, all the way to preparing manufacturing outputs for the PCB. The CADSTAR Library editor supplies the critical parts information and attributes that are required at each step of the design process. Parts library data can be stored in either a local library or incorporated into an ODBC-compliant database, supporting integration with a workgroup engineering database, enterprise-level MRP, or PDM system.

Top features and benefits

  • Rapid part creation through embedded logical and physical library wizards
  • Automatic version control for symbols, components and parts
  • Automatic symbol and gate partitioning with import FPGA packaging
  • Flexible architecture allowing tight integration with existing PLM, PDM, MRP or other IT infrastructure
  • Manage part obsolescence with embedded part acceptance system
  • Meet vendor-specific requirements by defining unlimited alternate footprints for each part number
  • Include document and URL paths for easy access to documentation and datasheets
  • Improve downstream searches and generate reports through support for user-defined attributes
  • Access online library of 250,000 parts to reduce time in library development

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