CADSTAR Constraint Browser

Constraint Management CADSTAR Constraint Browser

As design constraints increase in complexity, CADSTAR Constraint Browser simplifies constraint management by providing a fast and effective method to enter the most complex of rules. The Constraint Browser guides engineers through a fully integrated, constraints-driven design methodology to meet highspeed performance requirements, reducing design costs and time-to-market by eliminating unnecessary prototypes and re-engineering cycles.
The Constraint Browser provides an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface with constraint wizards to setup rules for applications, such as DDR2/DDR3 memory interfaces. The Constraint Browser works with CADSTAR Schematic to help you reduce your design cycle time and ensure that your designs are completed to the correct specifications.

Top features and benefits

  • Common constraint entry system for circuit design, layout, and analysis
  • Assign standard or user defined topologies, such as H-Tree, Daisy Chain, or Star to control route order and timing for high-speed signals
  • Automatic generation of extended nets, busses, and differential pairs
  • Reduce constraint entry time with setup wizards for high-speed interfaces such as DDR2/DDR3 applications
  • Spreadsheet interface to shorten learning curve and allow users to enter and confirm constraints in one view
  • Export CSV and colored HTML reports to improve communication between design teams and to reduce effort in creation of documentation for validation
  • Reuse constraints with CSV import to save time in constraint entry
  • Support for hierarchical constraints to simply assignment of complex requirements between net classes

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