Available now as a FREE upgrade for all CADSTAR customers with a valid maintenance contract.

The latest version of CADSTAR meets industry requirements for high-speed design, as well as containing across-the-board performance enhancements and ease-of-use features.

CADSTAR 2018 challenges the view that PCB Desktop software has to be complicated. This philosophy helps maintain CADSTAR's position as the industry’s most-used desktop PCB software.

New functionality includes:

  • Real-life View for PCBs
  • Support for Figure Variants
  • Automated Curved Trunk Routing
  • Extend an Existing Bus in Schematics
  • Automated Project File Naming
  • Pushing Stacked Microvias
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Improved SI Analysis Results View
  • Improved Automatic Measurements for SI Analysis

CADSTAR 2018 software - Download from the Zuken support website (requires a valid maintenance contract)

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Try CADSTAR 2018 today with CADSTAR Express - Free PCB design software

  • Updated to CADSTAR 2018, CADSTAR Express is a free fully-functional version of CADSTAR available for immediate download and installation.
  • CADSTAR Express comes with a self-teach tutorial containing more than 30 movies.
  • CADSTAR Express is limited to 300 pins and 50 components.

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