Demo-Videos zur Vorstellung der Hauptfunktionen



CADSTAR Overview:
Expert desktop PCB design solution >>

Control CADSTAR using your Smartphone or Tablet


Funktionsmerkmale von CADSTAR

Adding connections in a Schematic >>

Board Modeler Lite (BML) - Collision Checking >>

P.R.Editor Activ-45 manual routing improvements >>

Automatic placement >>

Schematics Transfer to PCB >>

Creating reuse design blocks >>

A few of the routing tools available in CADSTAR >>

Dragon Autorouter >>


Suppressing unused inner layer pads
in CADSTAR PCB layout >>


Weitere Videos zu CADSTAR finden Sie auf unserem YouTube-Kanal.


CADSTAR-Tutorials für das Highspeed-PCB-Design


Applying length restraints >>

Applying topologies >>

Constraining busses
with skew >>

Constraining for relative skew >>

Creating differential pairs >>

Designing with crosstalk
constraints >>

Designing with H-Tree topologies >>

Designing with impedance constraints >>

Exploring the 'SSIS' >>

Weitere Tutorials zum Highspeed-PCB-Design mit CADSTAR finden Sie auf unserem YouTube-Kanal


CADSTAR Express-Tutorials

Adding connections and controlling overlap >>

Adding busses >>

Adding global signal symptoms>>

Adding parts to a schematic design >>

Adding testpoint components >>

Automatic placement >>

Batch processing manufacturing data >>

BGA wizard >>

Creating board outlines and cutouts>>

Weitere CADSTAR Express-Tutorials finden Sie auf unserem YouTube-Kanal.