Working Remotely with CR-8000 Tools


During the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, we are all experiencing changes in our day-to-day lives. While we’re all staying safe at home, we’re now also working at home. At Zuken, we’re working with customers daily to address their business needs. This includes helping our customers set up for working remotely with CR-8000 tools.

Go to work

The traditional way in which many “go to work” now looks very different. Telecommuting, telework, working remotely, work from home, etc., are now not only accepted methods to “go to work”, but they are also expected. In many cases. spare bedrooms and dining room tables are replacing the office buildings and plants. Robust IT infrastructures give way to the limitations of home Internet providers and in-person collaboration now takes place behind multiple monitors with a superimposed beach scene in the background.

Many companies have procedures in place for this type of working environment and already have a sizeable remote workforce. Whereas for other companies, this is new ground. Some have a limited degree of processes set up and others none at all. What they all have in common is that they are trying to quickly adapt while developing processes and solutions to meet their new requirements.

Do you have what you need?

Working remotely with CR-8000 tools – away from the traditional office setup – may bring up some questions. How do I load and utilize CR-8000 away from the office? What kind of bandwidth requirements will I need? What about my company’s security issues and network architecture?
Depending upon the size of the company and its design team, and the complexity of the design environment, the answers will typically be very different.

With these questions in mind, your company’s IT staff and onsite CR-8000 tools expert may have things well in hand. But if not, then our team of application engineers is here to help. Getting assistance is as simple as logging a ticket with Zuken Global Support (ZGS).

Best practices

Our customer support team is ready to help!

The applications engineering team came up with a list of possible issues and best practices to help you as you set up for working remotely with CR-8000. You can easily resolve many of the potential issues by copying data and settings to your local machine.

  • Install CR-8000 on the local machine that you will be using remotely.
  • VPN use:
    • Licensing – you may encounter issues when trying to use the company CR-8000 licensing using a port/host configuration. If this is the case, create a ZGS ticket and request a temporary local license for that particular machine.
    • Environment – your company’s CR-8000 customized environment settings may not work as intended. If that’s the case, copy the environment settings locally. Then set the local machine’s environment variables to point to the localized copy.
    • Library – using your company CR-8000 library? Then copy the library locally and set the local machine’s environment variables to point to the localized copy.
    • Design Data – for issues you encounter when trying to use your company’s CR-8000 design data repository, copy the design data locally.

If you need alternative solutions and assistance in setting up your environment for working remotely with CR-8000, our support team is ready to help. And remember, we’re in this together!

Ed Duranty
Ed Duranty
Solutions Architect
As a Solutions Architect, Ed Duranty researches and develops various technologies and approaches to meet customer requirements. Edward works closely with a customer's project team to determine, clarify and resolve all design challenges by providing best practice solutions. In his spare time, Ed enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, outdoor activities and is an avid Disneyphile.
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