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PCB Design

System, multi-site, or single PCB design, Zuken has electronic design solutions to fit.


Electonics Designer

Electrical and Wire Harness Design

Electrical, wire harness, fluid or panel design.


Electrical design software

Engineering Data Management

Share and manage design data, design changes, and track development.


Data Management software solutions

Introduction to Zuken

Zuken prides itself as a trusted partner. With over 30 worldwide sites, Zuken provides the reach of a global company and the committed partnership needed to make you successful.

By offering the industry’s newest PCB, wiring and fluid design platforms, Zuken enables companies to build more competitive products. As an innovation leader, Zuken released the industry’s first multi-board design platform with native 2D/3D capabilities. Zuken's newest technology has allowed its customers to move from a board centric design process to a more effective product centric design process.


Zuken has a PCB design software solution to meet your needs.

Zuken's PCB design solutions have been empowering innovative electronic product design since 1976.

With a range of product solutions, Zuken has the technology to meet all your design requirements: from the CADSTAR expert desktop design solution; through advanced enterprise-wide CR-5000; to CR-8000 – the only concept-to-manufacturing, native 2D and 3D, multi-board system design solution on the market.

Electonics Designer

Electrical wiring, control systems and fluid engineering

Electrical CAD software has come of age with Zuken’s E3.series. This modular tool meets and exceeds the demands placed on it by a variety of disciplines:

  • Design and documentation of control systems and panel layouts
  • Design and documentation of wire harnesses and cable assemblies
  • Fluid design for hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Our electrical CAD solutions deliver the intelligence and integration required in today's design environments into your design process.

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Electrical design software

Engineering data management

Managing changes in the product design is increasingly important as product development is a distributed group effort. As your processes and products become more complex, engineering data management as an extension to CAD authoring and integrations into existing ERP and PLM backbones are critical capabilities. 

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Data Management software solutions

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Stone Aerospace saves 12 weeks and $20,000 with E3.series

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CR-8000 PCB design

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E3.series - electrical and wire harness design

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